Equip graduates with the tools necessary to embark on their journey to a fulfilling life through career discovery, training in professional skills, and earning income working for local business partners.


  1. Change the world one person at a time - We desire to build meaningful relationships with our employees and local business employers that impact the lives of those individuals and the world around them.

  2. Give First - As a company we will give first of our skills, time, and money without always expecting to receive. We will instill this value in our graduates as they enter the workforce, encouraging them to be proactive, grateful, hard workers who serve first before asking in return.

  3. Own It - We will take personal responsibility for the jobs we have been assigned and will accept challenges as they arise. We will be proactive in seeking out the next step and rise up with creative solutions when issues come up rather than placing blame.

  4. Finish Strong - We desire to start well and to finish even stronger. We will work hard to complete the task in front of us until the job is done.


Our Team


Chris Welter

Chris has seen both sides of the issues facing high school graduates as a college professor and a volunteer with high school students. He's passionate about helping students find purpose and direction without the added expense of wasted years in college. He's ready to guide you through figuring out your next steps.


Katie Self

Katie worked with high school students as a volunteer in college and as a math teacher after graduating. She understands the difficulties facing students as they leave high school and are expected to choose the path for the rest of their life. She's excited to help you find a direction that makes sense for you.