Partnering Employers

Is it harder than you think it should be to hire reliable, high-quality, entry-level employees?

Would the right employee make everything in your business a little bit easier, but you don’t know where to start?


What We offer

Finding the right entry level employees can be challenging. Posting a job, screening, interviewing, training, and then doing it all over when those people don’t work out is frustrating. To help, Focus Fellows are:

  • Vetted

  • Trained

  • Consistent



Focus Fellows are selected through a rigorous application process. Not everyone can be a fellow because your business needs competent and hard-working people. High School graduates become Focus Fellows by demonstrating their commitment to personal growth through hard work and consistency. They can bring those same characteristics to your business everyday.



Focus Fellows receive training in teamwork and interpersonal skills. While we cannot offer highly technical, very specific job training, all fellows show up on the first day ready to contribute. Their communication skills and basic business acumen will allow them to quickly learn the specifics of your organization in order to help in a variety of areas.


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