Are you a graduatING senior?

Become a Focus Fellow and get started on your path to success. Focus Fellows take part in a one-year fellowship program starting in June. They will LEARN skills necessary for success while working for local businesses to EARN money for college.

Why should you become a Focus Fellow?


As a Focus Fellow you will…

  • Discover what you were made to do

  • Build professional skills

  • Gain real world work experience

  • Earn an Income

  • Set yourself up for success in college and beyond



You will spend the first four weeks with us discovering your path, and your potential.

During this time you will:

  • Explore Career Pathways - We combine self-assessments with real interactions from people in a variety of fields. We get to know you in order to help you get to know yourself.

  • Learn Relevant Life Skills - In pursuing your path, you'll need a number of skills to keep yourself on track. You will learn how to interview, how to manage your time and money, and how to interact with colleagues and supervisors.

  • Gain Tools to make you successful in college and beyond - You can survive or thrive along your path. The last component includes acquiring tools like effective communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. These tools will make you an asset to those around you at work, in college, and in life.




Beginning in July, we will place you at a full-time job as close to your desired pathways as possible. Then, beginning in January, we hope to offer you the opportunity to transition to a new position to experience a different potential pathway.

During your placement you will:

  • Determine if a pathway is good for you: While the work will be entry-level, the combination of experience and responsibility will give you first-hand knowledge of what the careers look like in your potential pathway and help you determine if the pathway might be right for you.

  • Gain Real World Experience: No training or class can completely prepare you to enter the workforce. You will learn first hand what its like through the challenges, successes, and everything you experience in between.

  • Earn a Salary: Our goal is for you to earn a salary of at least $20,000 throughout your job placements.

Even though we will no longer be meeting together on a daily basis, Focus Fellows will continue to give you challenges to learn and mature. Our regular cohort meetings will be times to reflect, laugh, and grow as we process together. We will talk about life skills from budgeting to mentoring to leadership and public speaking.


Does this sound like it could be for you?

Does this sound like it could be the program for you? Click below to learn more about the application process, important deadlines, and the selection process.


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